Monday, April 13, 2009

Back from Easter Weekend

No it's not apples, it's radishes.

Nothing says spring like radishes - among other things. I cut some really fresh crusty bread and spread it with really expensive, and delicious French, unsalted butter, and then topped it with thinly sliced radish moons. Then I sprinkled it lightly with one of those finishing salts we're all hearing about from the Foodies and voila. I can't believe how something so incredibly simple can be so unbelievably delicious. You really taste the butter - even though only a little was used, and I must give that radish its credit, because it has a distinct brilliance all its own. Generally a casual after thought, or a passed-over salad item, I think radishes can really hold thier own in a case like this. And in spring they are bright and crisp and peppery tasting. Give it try.

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rebecca said...

oh i love radishes. can't wait to try your recipe. thanks for sharing!